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The Benefits of Running

The benefits of running

According to Strava we are living in the run commuting capital of the world. The popularity of run commuting in Britain has shot up by more than 50% in the past year, with an average 45,316 runs recorded a week. 

We've caught up with two of our HIIT & Run master trainers, Omar Mansour and Rory Knight...

Q: What's the most important exercise you'd recommend to enhance your running?
Omar - Running technique drills. During our HIIT & Run class I include drills which are tough at the time but the results speak for themselves. I get myself to class to, although I know what to do, it takes the encouragement of someone else to help you push to your limits (which tend to always greater than most of us believe).
Rory - The single-leg deadlift. When you are running you are spending most of your time on one leg, so it is essential that some single leg work is incorporated into your regime. This exercise will help to increase strength, balance & stability - all key components which will ultimately help you to become a better runner.
Q: How do you stay motivated to run in the winter?
Omar - I arrange to meet a friend to run with. That way you don’t overthink it and if you bail you are letting someone else down too which is always tougher!
Rory - I actually love getting outside & tackling the elements head on. As well as the obvious physical benefits of training, there is also a huge psychological victory to be had by getting out there in the rain or cold & getting the work done! 
Q: What's your recovery regime? 
Omar - A hot bath with magnesium salts eases cramping muscles. It's important to refuel within the hour after finish a run to help your muscles rebuild from the stress endured. A cinnamon and raisin bagel with almond butter not only tastes great, it's contains the essential carbs, protein and fats your body needs.
Rory - I use compression tights and try to have a massage within a couple of days post-race. I also try to do something light to flush out any lactic acid and waste product which has accumulated. Twenty minutes of cycling or a trip or two to the infrared sauna usually does the trick.
Q: Can we have a glimpse into a training week? 
Omar - At the moment I’m mixing things up;
Monday- Strength session 
Tuesday - Track speed endurance session
Wednesday- Strength session and U-cycle 
Thursday - Fast Intervals 
Friday - Strength session 
Saturday - hill sprints and a 4 mile run
Sunday - 10 mile run
Rory - A typical training week for me currently is far from what I would do ordinarily. I’m on a very strict rehab regime at present & working very, very, hard to rebuild my body & come back even stronger. 
Q: Best running advice you've received?
Omar - Don’t ever lose the FUN and FREEDOM when you run. Remember how it first made you feel and capture that moment!
Also, when trying to get fitter or faster never copy someone’s schedule directly. Find your magic training formula! What works for your lifestyle and your body?  Often what works for one individual doesn’t always have the same effect for another person.
Rory - Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing, be the best possible version of you 
Q: Favourite post-running meal? 
Omar - Steak, mushroom sauce, fat chips  and Greek salad! 
Rory - After running I am usually ravenous & like to replenish with a high carb meal, with a decent amount of protein & fat. Typically this would be some stir fried chicken with vegetables, & either sweet potato or rice.

The benefits of running
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