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​introducing our new menu

Here at KXU we are no strangers to knowing all there is to know about wholesome, delicious and nourishing food. Our Wellness Director Gideon Remfry has been working with the nutrition team on a new menu which will improve exercise performance but also Human performance. The outcome? Our Superfood Bowl menu now features two NEW Ramen bowls!

Chicken Ramen: Packed with tasty plant foods that boost energy, improve health muscle and skin quality as well as reducing stress and inflammation. Freshly prepared, rich in protein and fresh vegetables our Chicken Ramen bowl makes for a nourishing post-workout meal.

Vegan Ramen: Adopting a plant-based diet has gone beyond the realms of being trendy. Many of us now avoid foods from animal sources for health and ethical reasons and we shouldn't have to cut back on taste. Our Vegan Ramen bowl is not only good for your conscious, it's good for your body, belly and soul!

Exclusive to this week we are inviting U to enjoy 50% OFF ALL OUR SUPERFOOD BOWLS served daily from 11:00 until 21.02.20!

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