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Meta-kx / 4x4

META-KX/ 4X4 is a total body workout incorporating power, speed and endurance – 4 stations x 4 exercises. We've caught up with Pete Geracimo and Anna-Maria Ronnqvest to get a male and female take on why this hard HIIT’ing class should be on your weekly workout schedule.

So it’s a class focused on power, speed and endurance. Do you need to be super fit to take part?

Pete: No, you do not need to be super fit to participate. META 4X4 caters to all abilities and fitness levels. It is here in this class through effort, consistency and determination that the participates see their fitness level soar as well as their bodies positively transform for the better!

A-M: No, you don’t have to be super fit. Everyone can take part. There are progressions and digressions for each exercise so there will always be one that fits your level of fitness. As long as you come in with a positive attitude and willingness to work you will smash it.

How many sessions are needed to make a physical difference?

Pete: It’s all about consistency and how badly do you want to see your body, mind and spirit transform. The more classes one does, the better the results. For faster progress, look to participate in 3-5 classes per week. For slow and steady progress, look to participate in 1-2 classes per week.

A-M: I would recommend 1-2 sessions/week for maintaining fitness levels. 3-5 if you want to improve your physique and see faster results. The key though is consistency.

Q. When it comes to the battle of the sexes do men and women have noticeable strengths and weaknesses?

Pete: Judging from my classes, the men tend to be more powerful and explosive while the women are better at endurance. Having said that, I have had some very powerful ladies crush the workouts with such power and in turn, some unbelievable men push at incredibly high levels and last the distance.It all comes down to how much heart, determination and "never-say-quit" attitude one possesses. If everyone turns on their “BEAST MODE”, there will be no weaknesses but only strengths.

A-M: They say men are stronger but in my classes I’m seeing some really determined girls lifting and performing. Ultimately everybody is on their own fitness journey so strength means different thing to each and everyone depending on training age etc. Make yourself proud and you will see your strength and endurance improve. Doing so in a group of likeminded men and women makes it more enjoyable. BOOOM! Look forward to seeing you in class!

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