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Mobility Power Flow Workshop

Mobility power flow workshop

Mobility Power Flow - Workshop 

Join Richie Norton, “The Strength Temple” for a MOBILITY POWER FLOW workshop - the perfect bodyweight movement meditation experience - March 25 14:00 - 15:30.

Dynamic bodyweight strength and mobility drills fuse and flow like Yoga to create mind and body connections. You will learn how to strengthen your body through breath while increasing your stability and range of motion. Richie’s workshop will break down the movement mechanics into easy to follow practices that will leave you feeling completely connected, mobilised de-stressed and free. Easily assessable, the workshop is equally ideal for strength, cardio or Yoga bunnies alike!

£30 pp. Bookings: hello@kxu.co.uk / via the KXU App under 'Workshops' (limited spots)

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