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Q & A with Niklas Liljesand

Q & a with niklas liljesand

Meet Niklas Liljesand. Niklas is Mr Razzle Dazzle from Sweden. Known as one of London's best spinning teachers in London and a master trainer for Circus fit flyers and aerial yoga. We've caught up to find out more...

Q: So you teach U-Cycle & Meta KX. Which class would you recommend for fat loss?
U-Cycle boosts you metabolism, increasing your fat burning rate whilst toning and strengthen muscles in your legs, glutes, and core. On the other hand, Meta KX helps you increase muscle mass, endurance and metabolic rate. Additionally maintaining muscles aids weight loss in the long run. Want the best results? Combine both and be consistent in your training. 

Q: What's your go - to pre/ post workout nutrition?
My advice is simple. Eat, eat and eat. Too often we deprive our bodies and then binge. By remaining energised you can ride hard and get the most from all workouts. A combination of protein and carbs, and clean, natural foods before, during, and after sessions. 

Q: How many days a week do you dedicate to training?
I currently teach 22 classes over 6 days a week and I’m very active in all my classes. Therefore, I work out myself 3 times a week, focusing on body weight based Aerial Training. Getting enough rest after exercise is essential for high-level performance. The body repairs and strengthens itself in-between workouts so I try not to over do it.

Q: Tell us a bit more about your time at the Royal Ballet?
I started at the Royal Ballet school aged eight and was trained classical. I've danced at the opera house in Gothenburg, with my last performance aged 29. Naturally I became a dance and fitness instructor and in 2002 I signed with Nike, spending over 10 years teaching dance and performing globally.