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Our top summer nutrition tips

Londoners prep yourself, the Capital is set to be hotter than Miami this week with scorching highs of 34C. As the heat wave continues, we’ve asked our nutritional therapy team how we should adjust our diet...
The heat makes us more susceptible to dehydration, add high intensity exercise into the mix and you had justified adding drinks like pure coconut water, along with water, to take advantage of nature's electroolytes. 


It’s normal for appetites to be reduced in the heat; in fact the thermic (heat producing) effect of digestion is responsible for approx 10% of your daily energy expenditure. Hot whether naturally reduces our appetite which has shown to improve cell health, fat loss and increase energy. Try to consume all of your meals within a 10 hr eating window, creating a 14 hour fasting period. 

What To Eat

The beauty of summer foods are that it lets us take advantage of a rainbow of seasonal produce like strawberries, cucumber, bell peppers, celery, rocket, olive oil, capers, and melon which and can combine to make nutrionally dense dishes which also supply as much as 20 – 30% of our fluid intake. Try our Turkey Rainbow Salad.

Summer Body

If your goal is to get in great shape and you need help out team can run a comprehensive body composition analysis and offer up advice on how to optimise your KXU classes and nutrition for the best results. Email us for further details.