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Raise that barre

Paola's BodyBarre classes fuse pilates, ballet conditioning and HIIT training with the extra challenge of heart-pumping routines that improve your stamina as well as your ass. 

Over to Paola to give us the low-down:

What makes your method unique?
PBB is unique in the delivery, the flow and the upbeat tempo. PBB is known for it’s “slow burn” you feel within the workout. With lots of variety and creativity within the classes you'll never feel bored and your body will be kept guessing.

Can you do PBB if you are pregnant?
Absolutely. As PBB is a Pilates and ballet based work out it is excellent for targets the exact muscles and functions that can be problematic during pregnancy. It will help maintain your posture that tends to shift whilst pregnant, keep you balanced by working into the deeper stabilising muscles working you from the inside out inclusive of the core, which incidentally includes that pelvic floor that needs attention during and after the pregnancy. We help you to maintain muscle tone without overloading the body and most importantly you will train safely. I expect to rehabilitate that body back quickly into pre baby “form”.

What physical benefits are achieved from PBB (and how long does it take)? 
The results are quick! After 10 days of regularly attending class you'll feel the difference, after 10 weeks you'll start to see the results and after 6 months enjoy a strong, streamlined body with a noticibly defined core, amazing posture and a derriere lift.

We work on your deeper delicate muscles, working you from the inside out, to the core. Expect to feel taller with improved posture, to move with ease in a more “fluid” way as your muscles are long, strong and efficient and your joints mobile. 

Raise that barre

Having a PT PBB trainer - why would you need it? what are the added benefits?

If you have never attended a PBB class we reccomend you have a few PT sessions with one of our team so you have the correct technique, alignment and most efficient use of the Pilates breath. You'll learn the names of the movements so you can set yourself up in class with ease and at the same time learn which muscles you need to isolate and focus on whilst performing the movements.

By knowing what you're doing, you'll get the full advantage from classes, so a couple of PT's will “save” you in the long run.

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