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Regeneration Programme

Regeneration programme

A cutting edge 5-day whole body cryotherapy programme. Harnessing the power from plant compounds and cold therapy in a simple protocol which delivers evidence based body regeneration methods.


Including comprehensive before and after body composition assessment and expert analysis; reading include fat loss (subcutaneous and visceral fat), lean muscle mass, waist measurement and hydration levels. You will meet with our wellness team to assess your results who will also offer advice to support long term exercise, diet and lifestyle results.
Daily menu

Matcha Green tea, 3 minute whole body Cryotherapy immersion at -85°C, 1 to 7 hour gap, SIRT juice, second 3 minute whole body Cryotherapy session.

(To maximise the benefits it is essential to allow the body to cool completely cool down between the 2 treatments, this can be 1 hr or you can do sessions each end of the day with exercise after either)


Increased energy, improved sleep, rejuvenates, tighter & brighter skin, decreased inflammation, increased fat metabolism and faster exercise / sports recovery time.

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