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Run club

This summer we are launching a 12-week outdoor run club lead by biomechanics coach Anthony Fletcher. Turbo boost your speed and endurance, whether you're a native on the track, treadmill or road. Everybody can run fast. The key is to run faster for longer. The 12-week programme will consist of structured and balanced sessions, progressing you through building a base to laying down some pace. The sessions will feature best-in-class thinking on running form, core strength and correct intensitites, as well as ways to stay injury free and mentally strong. 

Each week, there'll be an opportunity to track your individual progress so you can see the results for yourself. For over three years, Fletch has been helping some of London's fastest runners and triathletes get Team-GB ready for races and qualifications all over the world, specialising in the tough speed sessions that can be hard to do alone. 

Time: 19:00 - 20:00

Date: Mon 4 June, recurring weekly until August

Where: Duke of York Square running track 

No booking required, just arrive by 18:45