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​Why boxing isn't just a man's game

​why boxing isn't just a man's game

Boxers are among the fittest of athletes (stamina, strength, mental). Boxing may traditionally be a male-dominated sport but the shift is happening as more and more women smash it in the ring. Boxing is not just a sport for men; women actually pick up the combinations faster than men and have more flexibility through their mid-section.

Spotlight on our badass trainer Simi White who's explained why there’s a lot more to boxing than it’s perceived violent nature…

Q: Is boxing dangerous and does it hurt??

Boxing can be dangerous, if you are actually fighting boxing gloves don’t protect the person being hit. Quite the opposite: the padding protects the fist from damage and lets you hit much harder. But the aim is not to get hit and boxing for fitness is completely safe and accessible. 

Q: What are the benefits of boxing?

Boxing helps you produce a lean, toned, strong body (especially your core). Combinations, power punches, defense and footwork all increase in cardiovascular fitness.

Mental clarity and stress relief are major benefits. If you box frequently you’ll soon notice increased muscle tone in your back, shoulders and arms. 

Q: So boxing is not just a sport for men?

Agreed. Women actually pick up the combinations faster than men and have more functionality through their mid-section. Picking up the rudimentary boxing skills isn’t all that difficult. Boxing is all about technique so once you pick up the moves you'll be Rocky in no time.
Q: Can we have a glimpse into a training week? 

I box three times a week, mixing up sparring, pad work and bag work. Boxing is in my blood; my Dad was a coach, so if I’m not boxing, I am watching others in the ring as a constant source of inspiration.  I also combine two weekly strength sessions and a weekly hot yoga class helps me recover, keeps me limber and is crucial to prevent injury.

Q: How do you fuel your body before and after training

I love the KXU Protein Shake, always  gets me through a session. After a grueling workout I like to combine protein, essential fats and carbohydrates. My go-to is the Omega Fuel bowl.

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