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Cassie conway


Cassie Conway



Cassie's health and fitness journey started more than 15 years ago whilst living in California. From fitness competitions to qualifying as a personal trainer meant that she could use her knowledge and pass it on to her clients to achieve their goals and get results faster and effectively.

At the age of 35 she left the gym floor as she fell in love with Pilates. Having a passion for dance and fitness she decided to pair it with the Paola's Bodybarre Method which incorporates all of the essential movements from yoga, Pilates and ballet into one amazing workout, since then she has never looked back.

Cassie strives to challenge her clients with barre combinations to build strength, stamina and long lean muscle, she also loves to sprinkle in good cardio sections in her burn classes so grab your mat, water and meet her at the barre!

My Ethos: Get the most out of every lunge!

Favourite smoothie: Berry Blast