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Heather hearts


Heather Hearts

Heather intends to take you on a wonderfully challenging but uplifting journey during her classes. Inspired by music, fluid flowing, and a focus on more conscious breath. You’ll be sure to build up a sweat whilst creating that much needed mind body connection.

Heather, originally a ballet dancer from Surrey, started her yoga journey after completing a Diploma in Professional Dance over 13 years ago. Originally a pledge to keep injury free & flexible, it ultimately became so much more & something that she felt she needed to share.

With 500hrs of training in Rocket, Ashtanga/Vinyasa & Yin, Heather likes to to pay particular attention to detail & alignment.

She truly believes this life changing practice can benefit everyone if given time, energy & a little patience.

My Ethos: Change your breath, change your movement, change your life.

Favourite smoothie: BEET IT