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Scott poulton



Scott is one of those beautiful souls, authentic, committed and a real old school boxer who has seen it all and has the wounds to prove it – He was based at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in New York City and remembers a time when he was watching Mike Tyson working out in one ring, while a female fashion director from Channel was in another, the “good old days” as he calls it. Scott brings with him a wealth of tradition and a feeling of old school spit and sawdust, a true diamond gezza who will beat you up in class but leave you on such a high, you’ll thank him for it. 

Life Mantra:  "There is nothing training can’t do, nothing is above its reach, it can turn bad morels to good, it can destroy bad principles, and recreate good ones, it can lift men to angelship" –  Mark twain



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