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The Elixir Clinic at KXU


To get U feeling your best in '22, we've partnered up with the Elixir Clinic - international leaders in intravenous therapy.

SO - what’s it all about? IV nutrient therapy delivers saline, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream to support overall health. Tailor made for U, each drip is BRILLIANTLY formulated to replenish nutrients in the body while supporting detox, energy production, immune health, anti-ageing, fitness performance, recovery and more. U can enjoy at the KXU Medi-Spa or in the comfort of your own home. Combine a drip with a facial from our extensive selection of skin treatments, or enjoy after a cryotherapy session, infrared sauna or massage for the ultimate wellness boost.


Add an intramuscular injection - booster shot - to any Vitadrip®. Boosters are administered into larger muscles in the body, most commonly in the 🍑 or arm, to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream for higher absorption.

Book your treatment at the KXU Medi-Spa reception. T: 020 3948 3844 | E: medispa@kxu.co.uk

Choose you Drip/ Booster Combo




VIP Elixir Vitadrip® 1hr £407
Anti-Ageing Vitadrip® 1hr £350
Antioxidant Vitadrip® 1hr £280
Diet & Detox Vitadrip® 1hr £280
Hair, Nails & Skin Vitadrip® 1hr £250
Immunity Vitadrip® 1hr £240
Fitness Vitadrip® 1hr £220
Slim & Fit Vitadrip® 1hr £200
Build & Recover Vitadrip® 1hr £200
Radiance Vitadrip® 1hr £125
Hydration Vitadrip® 1hr £100
ADD ON A BOOSTER SHOT: Antioxidant IM 15 mins £95
ADD ON A BOOSTER SHOT: Superboost 15 mins £80
ADD ON A BOOSTER SHOT: B12 15 mins £50
ADD ON A BOOSTER SHOT: Hair, Nails & Skin 15 mins £50
ADD ON A BOOSTER SHOT: Pick Me Up 15 mins £50