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An advanced, results-driven technology combining radio frequency and ultrasound, Exilis can be used to on both the face and body.

A combination of ultrasound and radio frequency is used to address skin laxity as well as help reshape excessive fat deposits in the submental area. Over a course of four treatments, spaced two weeks apart, the radio-frequency energy works to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by helping to stimulate new collagen growth. The treatment targets fatty deposits, loose skin, uneven skin texture and wrinkles, contouring the desired area, making it ideal for redefining the facial contours and jawline.

Exilis: 1 Area 30 minutes £220 (KX Members £200)

Exilis: 2 Areas 45 minutes £420 (KX Members £375)

Exilis: 3 Areas 55 minutes £600 (KX Members £550)