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Studio Rules & Etiquette

Studio Rules & Etiquette

The studio rules and etiquette set forth are part of the terms and conditions. They are designed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our clients whilst maintaining the highest levels of health and safety for all clients and employees. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a client being asked to leave the premises.

KXU reserves the right to amend any and all rules, regulations and pricing, without prior notice to our clients.

Studio Access & Checking In

Entry to the site is gained by checking in at the Front Desk by providing your name to a receptionist. Access and use of KXU, including the Studios, Nutrition Bar and Beauty & Wellness Clinic, is strictly for adults of 18 years and over. Proof of age may be required.


High standards of personal hygiene must be maintained and clients must take every effort to deodorise before using the Studios.

Footwear and clothing must be clean and free from odours.

Appropriate exercise clothing must be worn when taking classes. 

Bags, personal belongings including coats and mobile phones are not permitted in classes.

In the interest of everyone’s cleanliness and hygiene, please wipe down equipment after use.

Once you have finished using any equipment please ensure that is placed safely placed back in the racks provided.

Due to health and safety we do not allow late entry into classes. Clients will not be permitted to join classes after the class has started. This is to ensure the class is safe and to avoid interrupting and upsetting other clients. Please note inappropriate or aggressive behaviour towards staff managing class attendance will not be tolerated.

No glass containers, hot drinks or food are allowed in the gym or studios.

Health & Safety Regulations

The Studio cannot take responsibility for the monitoring of clients and their guests and on all equipment and facilities. KXU will not accept liability for injury or harm to individuals using the equipment.

All client and guests should ensure they have completed and signed a Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire prior to undergoing any form of exercise.

All clients must sign a personal training agreement form prior to commencing a personal training session.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, all clients and users must read and abide by the following:

• Avoid drug and alcohol intake before exercising.

• Receive instruction on the use of gymnasium equipment prior to commencing a new exercise programme.

• Shower before entering the infra-red sauna

• No body or hair products are allowed in the infra-red sauna

• Ensure that the consumption of food and drink remains within the nutrition bar and social area.

• Suitable clothing for all activities must be worn. Footwear must be supportive.

• No glass materials to be used or taken into any area other than the Nutrition bar social/dining area.

• No pets will be permitted within the site apart from guide dogs.

Accidents & Incidents

In the case of an incident or accident please report it immediately to the Duty Manager. Where necessary incidents will be referred to a third party and will be investigated in detail.

Studio Opening & Closing Hours

Please respect the opening and closing hours of our facilities.

Personal Information

It is the member’s responsibility to inform KXU of any change of contact/address details and any updated bank or card information.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the premises and we ask that you refrain from smoking outside our entrance.