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U-CYCLE is a combination of indoor cycling and serious raving. Get ready for the ride of your life.



Ravers are U ready? U-CYCLE is our indoor spinning class which promises to deliver one hell of a cardio-killer session which will get those endorphins skyrocketing. If U love music and moving to the beat then this is the class for U. Forget everything U think U know about spinning, U-CYCLE is more in line with a theatrical show which will transport U to a higher place whilst getting U seriously fit. What to expect? Well, we don't want to ruin the surprise but prepare to clip in, to climb, to lift, to push those limits and if U like to move we want to see U dance on the bike.

We use the incredible Keiser M3i bikes which track and log every detail of your ride. If U are a data cruncher then download the Keiser M Series App so U can monitor and record your power, heart rate, distance travelled and calories burned. We take fitness seriously, and we plan to keep U entertained with each and every single pedal stroke.



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