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Paola di lanzo



Teaching fitness since the 80’s, yes think 80’s aerobics! The Aussie powerhouse with a background in Pilates is the creator, founder and ’Boss’ of Paola’s BodyBarre. Don’t be fooled by the words ballet Barre, this workout is not all posing, pointing and prancing. The PBB fusion of dynamic Pilates, core conditioning, cardio, HIIT and ballet Barre conditioning will maximise your time in the studio. Although PBB is sweatier than your average Barre class, Paola’s electric energy, humour and personable approach will want you coming back for more. Are you ready for the PBB Burrrrrrn…..?

Life Mantra: It’s all about the 80/20! Life is too short to agonise over being a “perfect pants”. The minute you allow yourself to have a little of what you fancy and you let yourself be 20% “naughty” is when you will truly enjoy a balanced life. “I fall down and I get up again!"



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